Algomi news: 10-year plan with Euronext

Recently, European company Euronext made a $10 million investment in Algomi. News of our revolutionary programs built for fixed market trading must have spread to Euronext, giving them the idea to develop a MTF (Multilateral Trading Facility) in conjunction with us here at Algomi.

Electronic bond trading is an opportunity that we all want to be involved in, but not many have overcome the transition from traditional, voice based trades. Many traders also prefer the older, more human trading via the telephone.

The recent shift in ideas are a result of events like Donald Trump´s presidential victory. Unsurprisingly, Trump´s victory wiped $1 trillion off the market by November 14th, bringing the estimated market down to $86 trillion from $87 trillion. In an effort to diversify and survive in a unstable economic climate, companies are thinking of new ways to unlock value in their trades.

Euronext´s aim with Algomi is to create a new MTF to create a centralised marketplace for pan-European corporate bond trading.

What is a multilateral trading facility?

An MTF is a self-regulated financial trading venue that is considered an alternative to the traditional stock exchange, which trades in securities. In short, it connects multiple traders in an alternative way, offering different rules and different trade opportunities than traditional stock trading.

Euronext´s choice in Algomi

Our track record has so far been excellent, winning multiple awards for innovation, even in the early stages of our inception. Algomi will supply Euronext with a fully internally developed exchange-grade bond matching solution to give the functionality that you need for algorithmic smart-matching to create and auction between dealers.

The basic idea is that if a bank is not able to match an order from a buy-side trader, it will get sent to the separate inter-dealer exchange where a more collaborative approach can find the other portion of the deal.

Algomi´s CTO, Usman Khan says: “Any bank that uses Synchronicity will automatically, once they have a contractual agreement in place with the Euronext MTF, be able to access that exchange very quickly.”

Together, Euronext and Algomi are building a better future for themselves and the trading community.

For more Algomi news and Euronext news, check back soon.

Algomi news: Algomi buys ALFA liquidity analytics tool

Great Algomi news! As of May 15, 2017, the ALFA tool created by AllianceBernstein Holding L.P. was acquired by Algomi Ltd, expanding and improving our catalogue of great software for traders. Both the intellectual property behind the ALFA system and the brand name has been acquired by Algomi, but changed to Algomi ALFA. In exchange, AllianceBernstein has taken a seat on the board of directors here at Algomi and an undisclosed minority stake in the company.

The acquisition of this new software will broaden our sphere of influence, connecting with Algomi´s existing Honeycomb network, enriching our relationships and effectiveness. AllianceBernstein undertook a long and competitive search to find the sole marketer of their revolutionary product. The focus remains on digital data technology solutions for Algomi. News is that this was a key factor in AllianceBernstein´s choice of partnership.

What is ALFA?

ALFA is an exciting new program that allows the buy-site trader to see a real-time view of the market as a whole, including high yield, investment grade, government bonds, emerging market, municipal debt and structured credit. It does this by providing cross-market information on trade intent and liquidity.

Algomi Alfa will be sold to buy-side fund managers, displaying relevant and helpful data from messaging platforms, electronic venues and direct dealer inventory feeds. Algomi hosts ALFA on a secure cloud with unique instances for each user, this allows them to develop a relationship with you via API or GUI.

The advantages of relevant and current information

You need to keep as up-to-date as possible to make efficient and successful trades. It is vital to keep up with the latest news. Algomi ALFA provides real-time information that could have a huge impact on the success rate of your trades.

ALFA will benefit execution traders, portfolio managers, quants and compliance professionals. As this technology is linked to our Algomi Honeycomb system for sell-side traders, both programs are enriched bilaterally.

In short, this technology revolutionises the way you will do business, allowing you to make faster, more informed decisions when repositioning portfolios. In short, this technology will make your job easier and potentially more profitable.

Shaping the market through cooperation

Algomi has a strong philosophy when it comes to their interaction with financial markets. This includes being a champion of the human factor when it comes to trading. They also value confidentiality and cooperation.

While healthy competition is an important factor for the growth and success of individual firms, the industry as a whole has a responsibility towards the state of the market. If there is no input into the latter, everyone’s ability to trade is in jeopardy.

Algomi news reports that Algomi have, once again, found a partner who reflects and shares their values in this area. They have joined with US-based asset manager Alliance Bernstein to bring their ALFA solution to a wider market. This will lead to much sought after increases in liquidity as well as the opportunity for this innovative solution to develop even further than it has already.

What is ALFA?

ALFA stands for Automated Liquidity Filtering and Analytics and it was developed by $500 million asset manager, Alliance Bernstein, in response to a tough market. It is, essentially, a filtering system that brings together many of the platforms that are now being used for bond trading so as to give a coherent, standardised view of available trades. By putting all these sources of data next to each other, they create greater potential for liquidity in the market.

What does this partnership mean?

In order to build trust, independence is one of the key traits required for this kind of information-crunching system. Alliance Bernstein have demonstrated this, and then some, by partnering with Algomi. News of their willingness to bring this top product to market, trumping any desire to monopolise the technology, can only serve to further increase trader confidence in the data.

On top of this, Algomi have the clout, financial backing and partnerships to bring this solution to market in an impactful way. The networking effect means that they will also increase their reputation in the USA and, indeed, on the global stage.

This is the second notable partnership brokered between Algomi and a key financial player in the last year. In late-2016, Algomi news reported that they had entered into a partnership with pan-European giant, Euronext.

The latest Algomi news – Fintech50 2017

The first time Algomi was included in the Fintech50, we were pretty happy about it. The second time was another big step forward for us. It has recently been announced that we remain on the list for the third year running and, for us, this only builds our drive and momentum. We’re thrilled to be part of this industry and our excitement is as fresh as it was 3 years ago when we first appeared on this prestigious list that champions innovation throughout Europe.

What is the Fintech50?

FinTechCity produce the FinTech50 list each year. It is a group of 50 European innovators who are involved in the transformation of financial services.

The FinTech50 does not just comment on fintech, it interacts with important players to reach audiences around the world and raise awareness of the great innovators of fintech. In April 2016, the list saw over 20,000 views and made an appearance in more than one million Twitter accounts in its first 7 days online following its launch at Money2020 Europe.

The companies on the FinTech50 are selected by a panel of 30 industry experts. This year, members included HM Treasury’s Special Envoy for FinTech, Eileen Burbidge, tier one banks, and leading venture capital investors.

FinTechCity will launch its Asian list in 2017. Optimistically speaking, Algomi News hopes to report that we will one day be mentioned in this new environment as well. We are constantly looking for expansion and our recent partnership with Euronext promises a furthering of our global presence.

Why is this important Algomi news?

We’ve had a meteoric few years during which we’ve secured big investment and partnerships. However, it’s not time to rest on our laurels and we believe there is room for exponential growth at Algomi. News that, in the ever-shifting fintech world, we are still coming out in the top 50 is a powerful message to us and our partners that we are still on the right track. This kind of validation increases our confidence and reputation and we look forward to the beneficial effect this will have on our future. Our thanks go to FinTechCity for this accolade and we hope this trend continues for many years to come.

Algomi news – the effect of regulation on the market

The arguments in favour of regulation of the financial market all revolve around safety and creating a fairer environment for everyone to work in. Making sure everyone adheres to the same rules goes some way to levelling the playing field. Those who argue against stricter rules cite the rising costs of compliance, increased illiquidity in the market as companies narrow their portfolios to less risky options, and difficulties concerning leakage of key information as a result of more detailed reporting requirements.

In order to survive, the market must be able to encompass greater regulation as well as the new challenges that this presents. Fortunately, once the solution to a problem becomes a highly prized commodity, the natural behaviour of a healthy business environment is adaptation. The first companies to provide ways to surmount current problems will be the most successful and this motivation drives innovation.

Algomi news – a good example

A good example of the above is the way that Algomi’s software solutions help users to be compliant with Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID ii) – the EU legislation that regulates firms who provide services to clients linked to ‘financial instruments’. At the same time, Algomi provides them with a higher standard of data for trading.

Regulation often requires transparency so that the journey of any trade can be traced from its genesis to the final transaction. A program like Synchronicity from Algomi shows the initial investigations and the ongoing trail up through to the eventual sale. All of this can be presented for compliance purposes. However, while the trader is in the initial stages of exploration, confidentiality is maintained. The overall result is an ingenious adaptation to increased regulation.

Algomi news – will deregulation help?

While the conversation about regulation and illiquidity in the market has been long, there does not seem to be an increase in the volume of players calling for deregulation. This is probably because the market has already adapted and shown that it can do so. This includes development of financial technology, diversity, and a shift in focus. Changing the landscape again now could mean as much disruption as that caused by the original regulations.

People power – the greatest asset in the bond trading market

How many tasks does the average trader complete in a day? How many of those can be automated to save time? The answers to these questions vary from company to company but it’s safe enough to say ‘a lot’ in each case. This is where up and coming software solutions come in, such as Honeycomb from Algomi. News can be alarmist and some reports have suggested that technology intends to replace the human factor in trading.

From the point of view of Algomi, news like this fundamentally misunderstands the intention of the products they are bringing to the marketplace. The more tasks that are automated and the more data crunching that goes on using their specialised algorithms, the greater the liquidity in the market, sure, but there are other benefits. If much of the generic grunt work is taken up by programs like Honeycomb, traders are free to become even more specialised and devote their energy to innovative manipulation of the higher level of data perception that Algomi products provide. That’s on top of saving time – another valuable and underestimated asset that all companies could use more of.

A computer program is supportive but it cannot accurately conceive of all the nuances of risk involved in a trade. It can only track patterns that have already been conceived of because it needs to be programmed in advance to do so. A trader has the necessary creativity to find new avenues and opportunities. This power is the driving force of the future.

Where does Fintech Web News come in?

Another fuel for the creativity of traders is information. Of course, the mainstay of this is figures but the landscape is made up of more than this. Knowing what is going on in the financial world is empowering for traders and adds that extra dimension.

Fintech Web News is committed to bringing you the latest tips, information, and developments including both Algomi news and the rest of the financial world.

Fintech is a shifting and evolving industry and the developments in the marketplace can be hard to keep on top of with limited hours in the day. Fintech Web News is well placed to give you an overview that has the potential for real application in your day-to-day world.

What is OpenFin?

OpenFin is a great way to create a network that supports your business. It is a common operating layer offering interoperability between thousands of financial desktop apps. It is currently licensed to more than 100,000 desktops and contains apps from more than 35 of the world’s leading financial institutions and trading platforms.

When you make a change in one app, you want that to be reflected across all the tools you are using so that you can see the effect of the adjustment in real time. OpenFin offers you the chance to make rapid changes while virtually removing the possibility of human error or missing a critical change. It also provides an ongoing record of changes so you can learn from your history when making decisions about the future.

Algomi and OpenFin

Fintech Web NewsThe latest exciting partnership to hit the financial world is between OpenFin and, investment information firm, Algomi. News that could mean a whole new level of data processing to support the industry. Algomi will use the HTML 5 layer from OpenFin to support its flagship trading support software programs – Synchronicity and Honeycomb. These two offerings already offer a high-level of data presentation and analysis. The next step is connecting it to the data points system offered by OpenFin.

How can you benefit?

Algomi tells us that the future of this collaboration means even greater liquidity in the market. The more complex the web of information that is accessible discreetly, the more likely traders are to be able to identify opportunities before taking them forward through the classic, voice trade route.

With a bank’s permission, Algomi can feed information about calls and queries into its data systems – Honeycomb and Synchronicity – to improve the depth and quality of the overall picture. For Algomi, this is like finding a new source of fuel to mine. They have the tools available to get the most out of it and use it to further power growth in the industry at large.

All this means that you can have access to the history of a trade before you even make your first call. Watch this space for more Algomi news about tapping the well of information that is OpenFin.

Unlocking liquidity – building the Honeycomb

Liquidity in the bond market is dependent on the speed at which a trade can be made on the open market while retaining its value. It is the quality that traders are constantly seeking and it is in the interests of the industry as a whole to create more of it. Investing in the liquidity of the market is a smart business move that benefits everyone.

Honeycomb is a tool for creating market-wide liquidity from investment information firm, Algomi. News that they have recently joined forces with OpenFin means that the power of their software is about to increase yet again.

Taking your skills further

Fintech Web NewsHoneycomb is a tool that enhances your skills as a trader. Being in the know and having access to the incredible Honeycomb network means that you can make the right call at the right time.

Algomi recognised that the inherent value in the bond trading market is found in its traders and their ability to make successful voice trades. They are the cause of eventual market liquidity as long as they can access the fruits of the available data. Honeycomb assists with this process, taking trading to a new level.

Creating a network

Since its inception in 2012, Algomi has enjoyed consistent growth, both as a company and, in the number of institutions that they draw their knowledge from. At present, they have access to trading data from 240 buy-side clients and 17 international banks. They also have a strong relationship with pan-European exchange, Euronext.

The latest inclusion of OpenFin in their network means they will be able to access data, with permission, from the use of thousands of financial apps installed on more than 100,000 desktops. The scope of the network Algomi can now report on is impressive.

Ensuring your privacy

With the implication of MiFID II in January, there has never been a more important time to focus on compliance and transparency. At the same time, privacy is vital to ensuring you stay ahead of the pack. Honeycomb allows you to make discreet queries and source information without letting your competitors know exactly what you are up to.

Watch this space for more Algomi News about the latest developments between Honeycomb, Algomi and OpenFin, as well as other industry news.

Euronext and Algomi – news on the protection of privacy

Protecting your pre-trade privacy is vital to ensuring that you are the first to make the key trade. Telegraphing your movements around the industry means that you will suddenly have to share the field with others who are jostling for space. However, communication is key to making a trade in the first place, so what can you do?

On top of this issue, compliance gets more complex all the time and you need to be able to meet your obligations to regulators when required. How do you keep all the data required to secure your information flow while keeping your cards close to your chest?

Fintech Web NewsFinally, once you have identified the right trade, ensured compliance and are ready to go, what route do you take to market?

Fortunately, there is good news. Algomi and Euronext have joined forces to offer you the right balance of privacy, transparency and an established, regulated exchange group in which to trade. Euronext invested $10 million in Algomi earlier this year to fund a striking vision for the future.

The old way

Historically, trading relied upon instinct, data crunching and making the right calls. Voice trades mean interaction and that means tipping your hand. Once you do that, there is no way to guarantee your privacy. This could mean you are suddenly in a foot race where everyone is fuelled by the hard work you put in to identify the trade.

Communication is a necessary and permanent part of trading. The process needs to be refined rather than supplanted. That’s where Algomi comes in.

The new way

Honeycomb, Algomi’s information platform, is designed to create liquidity in the market by identifying possible trades. It is not designed to replace traders or the voice trade, it is design to assist them in a way that will take the industry to the next level.

Honeycomb allows you to secure a likely trade opportunity by analysing data from over 240 buy-side clients and 17 banks. You can look around, send queries and get all the data you need before you make the first call and expose your movements.

Finally, Euronext provide the environment in which to make the trade. Watch this space for more Fintech Web News on these exciting developments.

MiFID II – how does it affect you?

This year, the second Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) came into force in January with firms being given a year, until January 2018, to comply with the new regulations. As many as 64% of firms believe they will not be ready to meet the upcoming deadline due to the complicated nature of the changes and the rising costs involved in compliance.

The good news – Algomi can help you meet your new obligations and get you ready to face the future.


Fintech Web NewsMiFID II introduces new supervisory powers in conjunction with the European Securities and Market Authority. This allows for greater scope of investigations that occur both pre-trade and post-trade.


Reporting is the key to demonstrating transparency and identifying potential conflicts of interest. Across the board, MiFID II requires new and existing players to adopt more robust reporting procedures.


Risk management and transparency mean greater investor protection. In the past, commission-led investment advice was an invitation to follow the greatest fee rather than the soundest option for clients. MiFID II introduces strict guidelines to govern the disclosure of fee structures and veracity of investment recommendations.

How can Algomi help?

Algomi News reports developments in the industry including an interesting overview of the MiFID II roll out and its effects.

Algomi themselves are ahead of the game, however, and tools to help you comply with MiFID II are already built into their leading software programs –Honeycomb and Synchronicity.

With Synchronicity on the sell-side and Honeycomb on the buy-side, Algomi has got you covered. Each program creates a record of your search for a trade and displays a clear evidence trail of the steps that led you there. You can follow your instincts and the software will record the trail you take so it can be explained, if required, in the future. This is in step with the ethos of the new MiFID II regulations. Fortunately, it also creates a useful trail of breadcrumbs for you so you can backtrack, understand your movements and learn from them for the future.

Regulations make the market safer for everyone and, once you integrate compliance into your processes, you will benefit from the security you have and can offer your clients.

Watch this space for more Algomi news on MiFID II developments.