Shaping the market through cooperation

Algomi has a strong philosophy when it comes to their interaction with financial markets. This includes being a champion of the human factor when it comes to trading. They also value confidentiality and cooperation.

While healthy competition is an important factor for the growth and success of individual firms, the industry as a whole has a responsibility towards the state of the market. If there is no input into the latter, everyone’s ability to trade is in jeopardy.

Algomi news reports that Algomi have, once again, found a partner who reflects and shares their values in this area. They have joined with US-based asset manager Alliance Bernstein to bring their ALFA solution to a wider market. This will lead to much sought after increases in liquidity as well as the opportunity for this innovative solution to develop even further than it has already.

What is ALFA?

ALFA stands for Automated Liquidity Filtering and Analytics and it was developed by $500 million asset manager, Alliance Bernstein, in response to a tough market. It is, essentially, a filtering system that brings together many of the platforms that are now being used for bond trading so as to give a coherent, standardised view of available trades. By putting all these sources of data next to each other, they create greater potential for liquidity in the market.

What does this partnership mean?

In order to build trust, independence is one of the key traits required for this kind of information-crunching system. Alliance Bernstein have demonstrated this, and then some, by partnering with Algomi. News of their willingness to bring this top product to market, trumping any desire to monopolise the technology, can only serve to further increase trader confidence in the data.

On top of this, Algomi have the clout, financial backing and partnerships to bring this solution to market in an impactful way. The networking effect means that they will also increase their reputation in the USA and, indeed, on the global stage.

This is the second notable partnership brokered between Algomi and a key financial player in the last year. In late-2016, Algomi news reported that they had entered into a partnership with pan-European giant, Euronext.