What is OpenFin?

OpenFin is a great way to create a network that supports your business. It is a common operating layer offering interoperability between thousands of financial desktop apps. It is currently licensed to more than 100,000 desktops and contains apps from more than 35 of the world’s leading financial institutions and trading platforms.

When you make a change in one app, you want that to be reflected across all the tools you are using so that you can see the effect of the adjustment in real time. OpenFin offers you the chance to make rapid changes while virtually removing the possibility of human error or missing a critical change. It also provides an ongoing record of changes so you can learn from your history when making decisions about the future.

Algomi and OpenFin

Fintech Web NewsThe latest exciting partnership to hit the financial world is between OpenFin and, investment information firm, Algomi. News that could mean a whole new level of data processing to support the industry. Algomi will use the HTML 5 layer from OpenFin to support its flagship trading support software programs – Synchronicity and Honeycomb. These two offerings already offer a high-level of data presentation and analysis. The next step is connecting it to the data points system offered by OpenFin.

How can you benefit?

Algomi tells us that the future of this collaboration means even greater liquidity in the market. The more complex the web of information that is accessible discreetly, the more likely traders are to be able to identify opportunities before taking them forward through the classic, voice trade route.

With a bank’s permission, Algomi can feed information about calls and queries into its data systems – Honeycomb and Synchronicity – to improve the depth and quality of the overall picture. For Algomi, this is like finding a new source of fuel to mine. They have the tools available to get the most out of it and use it to further power growth in the industry at large.

All this means that you can have access to the history of a trade before you even make your first call. Watch this space for more Algomi news about tapping the well of information that is OpenFin.