Understanding data: partnerships leading the way

The Algomi news for today is that the London fintech has teamed up with well-established data collection and analytics company S&P Global. This is just the latest in a series of three partnerships made by Algomi in the last six months.

This rapid expansion and investment is great news for Algomi. News that will cement their position as an important and influential company in the financial technology world.

Algomi’s success partnering with companies in the past will have no doubt influenced S&P Global’s decision to choose Algomi.

Algomi’s great track record

Algomi has a good history when it comes to forming essential partnerships. From their inception in 2013, Algomi has partnered with numerous larger companies such as Euronext, the pan-European exchange, and AllianceBernstein, earlier this year.

The first of their three investments this year came fromOpenFin. The partnership with OpenFin allows Algomi to roll out its Honeycomb and Synchronicity products quickly and upload updates to the software more quickly and easily.

Companies like Algomi are chosen by market incumbents because of their ability to change and evolve rapidly with the tumultuous, post-Brexitreferendum market. OpenFin allows Algomi to do this efficiently.

Algomi’s expanding software catalogue

Algomi’s second investment this year came in the form of a new software to market exclusively. Algomi was chosen, after a long search, by AllianceBernstein to be the sole marketers of their software ALFA.

Algomi’s focus as a software company swayed AllianceBernstein towards Algomi. ALFA is a fixed-income liquidity and analytics tool that fits in very well with Algomi’s existing products.

Algomi News: the future is bright for UK fintech

Algomi’s partnership with S&P Global includes development plans for new software and a plan to share data collected from Algomi’s software networks.

Algomi’s software will also receive data injections from S&P Global’s vast data collection network. This works out well for both companies and the people who rely on their services and products to help them to make more profitable decisions.

If Algomi’s streak of investments over the last six months is anything to go by, Algomi is a fintech to keep an eye on.