Algomi news: S&P Global partnership makes hattrick for Algomi

There has been a lot of good news recently for Algomi. News now is that the relatively new fintech company haspartnered with leading data and index provider S&P Global.

Algomi’s partnership with S&P Global is their third partnership in six months. Gaining this investment has secured Algomi’s growth for the coming years and cemented their place as a hard hitter in their sector.

The investment bought S&P a minority share in Algomi and a seat at the board of directors. Algomi plans to grow its product offering with this investment.

Who are S&P Global?

S&P Global provides essential intelligence to anyone who needs it in the financial world. They help people make betterinformed decisions by providing them with relevant, up-to-date data.

They manage 135 billion data points, scattered all over the world to gather this vital information.They also work around the clock to analyse the raw data and present it in an understandable way.

The data is used to make huge, world-changing decisions, so it’s an extremely important job that S&P Global does.

Partnerships pushing into new markets

S&P Global and Algomi intend to work together, S&P using Algomi’s bond trading technology to push into new markets around the world. Because of Algomi’s data collection, S&P’s intelligence team can work together and share information.

Commenting on the partnership, Douglas L. Peterson, president and CEO of S&P Global, said: “We think very highly of Algomi and are excited about the opportunity to bring our data, technologies and deep analytics into additional market segments. By partnering with Algomi, we will further leverage the power of big data and artificial intelligence to create even more opportunities to deliver value to our and Algomi’s customers.”

Development of new products from both companies is also on the cards, with software being the main concern of Algomi. News of another partnership for Algomi doesn’t come as a surprise, with Algomi snapping up awards and accolades left and right since the company’s launch in 2012.

It’s clear that, through partnerships, there are bright things on the horizon for Algomi and whoever chooses to partner with this success story.